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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are you managing COVID-19?

    Dueck Falkland Farms is complying with provincial health mandates regarding Covid 19.  Surfaces, freezers, door handles, etc. are sanitized between customers.  We will also deliver your online order to your car if you’d prefer not to shop inside.  Contact us for more details.

  • Why is your chicken different than what I can buy in the store?

    How much time have you got…?   Our farming philosophy centers around a low-stress life for our birds.  This means they’re happy chickens, which results in a higher quality product.  We raise relatively small batches of birds and process each one by hand on-farm.  This means that there is no water soak or soy-water injection, resulting in less shrinkage, better flavour and better texture.  We use a locally made, vegetarian, medication-free feed, which helps our birds to stay healthy and happy.  There are so many reasons why our chicken is awesome, and we love to talk to people about it.  If you’d like more information, call or email us and we can fill you in!

  • Do your animals get access to the outside?

    Our laying hens are free range, which means they can roam freely either inside or outside.  They have access to pasture and can peck around outside to their hearts’ content.  Our broiler birds are free run, which means they are free roaming in the barn.  These guys are a bit more fragile, so they are happier in the barn where they have heated walls and floors, lots of space to move around, filtered water, and top-quality feed.  Our beef is free range and pasture raised – we have 260 acres of land, so they have lots of space to move around and graze.  This helps to build muscle mass, which results in better texture and flavour to the meat. 

  • What do your chickens eat?

    Our chickens eat a custom-made, locally sourced feed blend developed specifically for our farm.  It is a non-medicated, vegetarian feed, and it is predominantly wheat.  We do not use growth hormones or steroids at any point in the raising process.

  • Are you certified organic?

    No, we have not pursued organic certification.  There’s no reason that we couldn’t, but we feel that the cost of certification outweighs the benefits for our customers.  We just can't find a way of certifying organic and while maintaining affordable pricing for young families.  Having said that, we are fully committed to raising our animals the right way – low stress, top-quality feed, no antibiotics or hormones at any time, top-quality ingredients in our sausages.

  • Are your products gluten free?

    All of our products are gluten free, with the exception of our breakfast sausage and breakfast patties.

  • Where can we buy the products?

    You can buy our products at our on-farm store, at our booth Kelowna Farmers’ Market, or from one of our awesome retail partners.  We are just working on options for shipping, so stay tuned for that!

  • Do you ship your products?

    We don’t currently have an option for shipping, but we’re working on it!  Stay tuned in the next few months.

  • Why did you change your name from Sterling Springs Chicken?

    Well, mostly because we’re not just chicken anymore.  We have beef, sausage, eggs, bone-broth, bacon, and a whole bunch of other awesome products.  Also, we really wanted to have our own family name on our products – it serves as a guarantee of quality.  And finally, we’re so happy to live in Falkland, and we wanted our name to represent how awesome it is to live here.