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Meet the family. Hans, Lisa, Johanna and Jacob.

Hans and Lisa moved to the Okanagan in 1996. Hans is a third generation farmer, and grew up doing chores and participating in farm life. He purchased his first farm at 19 years old and farmed commercially for twenty-five years. In 2011, we made a huge change, selling our commercial farm and building our dream from the ground up.

What we do.

Dueck Falkland Farms is a unique, state-of-the-art poultry growing facility. A big part of our farming philosophy is being involved in all aspects of our business. This includes hatching, growing, hand-processing and hand-cutting, packaging, delivery, sales, markets and more!

Environment is key to our process.

Sustainability and a low carbon footprint are important in our business. Our bio composting machine allows us to compost the farm's manure in an environmentally friendly way, reusing it as a natural garden fertilizer.

A personal approach to farming.

We process every bird right on-farm in our brand new processing facility. It's important that we process the birds ourselves, because we believe strongly that it needs to be done cleanly, ethically, and in a way that is pain-free for the animals. Each bird is processed one at a time, by hand, to ensure that it is as humane as possible.

Stock up at our on-farm store!

You can find all of our sausage, beef and chicken products, as well as a selection of products sourced from local family farms. Come visit us today!